Advert photo 1RIMU Music Nursery was established in 2012 and is owned by Nathalie Richardson.

Nathalie’s desire to set up the RIMU Music Nursery has its roots in her stage school, Step Up Performing Arts School, that she has run at a number of locations throughout London for 21 years. She was able to see first-hand the positive effect that music and the performing arts has had on many of my students and additionally she has seen how music opens up opportunities to students that they would not normally have.

Music is integrated into the fabric of RIMU and, as a nursery we are unusual in the wide range of peripatetic classes that we run every day at no extra cost. Children at RIMU get to experience music classes, singing classes, ballet, street dance and gymnastics. As well as being great fun these studies improve concentration, hand eye coordination, team work and fitness.

Peripatetic Timetable

  • Monday – French
  • Tuesday – Drama
  • Wednesday – Ballet
  • Thursday – Singing
  • Friday – Sports

Rooms (Room/Ages/Room Ratio)

Baby Bachs / 3 months-12/16 months (approx.) / 1 child: 3 adults

Petit Puccinis / 11 months – 24 months / 1 child: 3 adults

Mini Mozarts / 24 months – 31/36 months / 1 child: 4 adults

Bouncing Beethovens / 31/36+ months / 1 child: 8 adults

Baby Bachs, Petit Puccinis & Mini Mozarts are at Sunfields Church. Bouncing Beethovens is at Elsie Marshall Memorial Hall.