RIMU Nursery is for children aged 3 months to 5 years and has an emphasis on Music, Dance and Drama. RIMU has been set up by Nathalie Richardson, who as well as being a graduate of The Guildhall School of Music, has run Step Up Performing Arts in South East London for over 20 years.

RIMU has branches in Blackheath and Lee.

The RIMU Blackheath branch uses Sunfields Methodist Church, Old Dover Road, Blackheath SE3 as its main venue and the annex at the Elsie Marshall Memorial Hall for its 3+ group. We have a virtual walkaround of the two sites here. RIMU Blackheath has a maximum of 63 Full Time places.

The RIMU Lee branch uses King’s Church, Osborn Terrace, Lee, SE3 as its venue. We have a virtual walkaround of the site here. RIMU Lee has a maximum of 75 Full Time places.

RIMU Nursery is a Day Nursery which is open 51 weeks of the year from 8am-6pm. RIMU Nursery accepts the government’s free entitlement for 3+, 2+ and employers vouchers such as Edenred, Computershare, Fair care, Sodexo and Enjoy benefits.

We introduce the children to music through different mediums such as Ballet, Drama, and Street Dance. The children also use music in the sports class. In addition to those classes, RIMU has a weekly singing class (although they sing everyday). Also, we play a variety of music to the children during their normal sessions exposing them to classical, Jazz, Musical Theatre and Pop Music. The daily presence of music has a calming effect on the nursery.

Weekly activities include: Ballet; Drama; Sport; Street Dance; Music/Singing & French