RIMU Music Day Nursery & Forest School

A Music Focussed Nursery for South East London

Welcome to RIMU

As Beethoven said “Music can change the world” and RIMU is a nursery with music at its heart.

We believe that every child should have the earliest possible exposure to a musical education. The impact of music on a young child can not be underestimated and the huge benefits of early exposure can be seen for many years to come. Exposure to music helps to balance a child intellectually, spiritually and emotionally.

Music is integrated into the fabric of RIMU. We offer a wide range of wide range of peripatetic classes that we run every day. These classes are included in our fees and are provided at no extra cost. RIMU also offers a full time Forest School.

Children who come to RIMU get to take part in music classes, singing classes, ballet, street dance and gymnastics. These studies are great fun but also help improve language and communication skills as well as promoting health, safety and well-being.

RIMU has branches in Lee (King’s Church) and Blackheath (Sunfields Methodist Church and Elsie Marshall Memorial Hall) and has over 130 places for children aged 3 months to 5 years.

If you’re interested in your child attending RIMU then please fill out our Enquiry Form or Contact Us.