The RIMU Nursery Class Philosophy at RIMU I opened RIMU as I wanted a nursery that incorporated music and the performing arts. Music is a great way to teach children focus in other area of their development. All the classes are taught by professionals in their various fields and all children participate in these classes every week. They are a part of the weekly timetable. This is also helpful to parents as you will not need to source these activities outside of RIMU. At Christmas the children do a small show for the parents. The Nursery class aims to provide an environment which develops children socially, emotionally, physically and educationally, providing a wide range of experiences. Children may join the RIMU nursery from 6 months. The RIMU nursery operates on a day nursery basis. We ask that all children attend RIMU for a minimum of 2 days. Rooms: Mini Mozarts, Bouncing Beethovens and Baby Bachs The nursery is located in a beautiful building, just a few years old, with wooden floors and under floor heating. The nursery is divided into 3 separate areas: The "6 months to 2 years" are in the Baby Bach room. The "2-3 years" age group are in the Mini Mozart room The "3+" age group are in the Bouncing Beethoven room. The rooms are spacious and airy with direct access to the outdoor space. We also have plenty of space to carry out our dance and gym classes. The curriculum (see below for more details) is tailored to meet the individual needs of each child, but all the children participate in Ballet, Gymnastics, Street dance, Drama and Music classes every week. All the tutors are specialists in their field. There are 5 toilets for the children to use within the building plus a separate toilet for the staff. The staff have a separate office/staff room on the first floor of the building. Session times As noted above, RIMU nursery operates on a day nursery basis as follows: Day Nursery - Our nursery age children stay all day from 8am to 6pm. All children entering the nursery must attend an equivalent of a minimum of two full days. Days cannot be split in to morning and afternoon sessions in the day nursery. The day nursery is open 51 weeks of the year taking a week at Christmas. The nursery is closed on all bank holidays. Music in the Nursery We introduce the children to music through different mediums such as Ballet and Street Dance. The children also use music in the gymnastics class. In addition to those classes, RIMU has a weekly singing class (although they sing everyday) and the 3+ group are learning the recorder and how to read basic rhythms using the Kodaly method. Also, we play a variety of music to the children during their normal sessions exposing them to classical, Jazz, Musical Theatre and Pop Music. The daily presence of music has a calming effect on the nursery. A Typical Day at RIMU The normal routine for the children at RIMU is as follows: 8am breakfast 9am circle time 9.15am activities 10.30am snack 10.45am ballet/gym/dance 11.30am lunch 12.30pm sleep or free play 2.30pm outdoor games 3pm activities 3.30pm tea 4.30pm free play All children are expected to clean their teeth after lunch Weekly activities Monday: Ballet Tuesday: Drama Wednesday: Gymnastics Thursday: Street Dance Friday: Music/singing The children also do cooking in the nursery. Much of the curriculum is supported by various trips. The children have visited The Dulwich Picture Gallery, Hornimans Museum, Greenwich Maritime Museum, Godstone Farm and the London Observatory and frequent trips to Greenwich Park. We also do 2 trips a year to the local Pizza Express where the children learn how to make their own pizza. Other events Christmas  Trip to the pantomime in Greenwich 3+ do a play (this is not a nativity play) Father Christmas pays a visit to the nursery Spring Easter egg hunt Summer We have a summer graduation party for all those leaving RIMU to go to school. All the children dress up in a graduation outfit and are presented with a certificate and a photo of themselves in their outfits as well as having a big party to send them off on the next stage of their journey. Nursery Curriculum The Nursery class offers a vibrant, exciting, themed approach to education based in play.  Children learn to share and care for one another.  They learn traditional manners and how to listen to instructions as well as how to make choices and to be independent.  They will begin to learn pre-writing and pre-reading skills.  However, where a child is ready to read and write, the opportunity will be given to him/her. RIMU encourages children to become competent and confident learners who ask questions and make discoveries.  We recognise that every child learns in his or her own way.  The Nursery class builds upon the strengths, needs and interests that each child brings into our school.  The curriculum for the Foundation Stage underpins all future learning and includes:   EYFS specially devised music and drama programme Ballet, Gymnastics, street dance classes small classes Personal, social and emotional development Communication and Language development Physical development Literacy Mathematics Understanding of the world Expressive arts and design Parental Involvement Parents are encouraged to become involved in every stage of their child's development. We recognise the importance of the partnership with parents and strive to build and maintain a sound and effective relationship with each parent. Your involvement will contribute greatly to all aspects of your child's wellbeing and education. Themes We have theme topics for children to extend their knowledge and understanding. We constantly send emails to parents informing them of our topics encouraging them to support the week we do with the children in the nursery. We ask that parents participate in our topics by encouraging their child to extend their learning in the theme topics. This can be done through discussion with your child, play, reading, outings and celebrating special events Visiting the Nursery Parents are encouraged to visit the nursery (by appointment only) thus gaining a full insight of the RIMU nursery education, which allows you to apply a similar approach at home, hence encouraging your child's development Uniform All the children wear a uniform which comprises a polo shirt and sweat top with the RIMU logo purchased from RIMU which needs to be worn with a black skirt/trousers and black shoes/trainers. All the staff also wear the RIMU uniform making them easily recognisable to both the children and family. Key Person for every child All the children are designated a key person to ensure that each child has a strong relationship with an adult in the nursery to support their emotional well being Communication diary and book bag We have a communication diary which is used for communication between  parents and the nursery. We also hold 2 parent evenings a year giving you the chance to talk directly to the designated key worker for your child. This is also an opportunity to meet the other parents. Many of the parents and children choose to socialise outside of RIMU. Physical education We have a good outdoor area at RIMU but all the children also have ballet, street dance and gymnastics classes every week as well as access to Greenwich Park. Food at RIMU All the children have a hot meal at lunch time which is at 11.30am. They have snacks at 10.30am and tea at 3.30pm. All food is prepared fresh on the premises. All meals are prepared on the premises by our qualified and experienced cook. We only use high quality meat, fish, fresh fruit and vegetables, as well as whole meal bread in our daily menu. The menus which are well balanced and nutritious, are also changed on a regular basis providing variety for the children. Children with religious dietary requirements, food allergies and  vegetarians are all catered for. All staff have the level 2 food and hygiene certificate. Click here for a sample menu Tax credit vouchers & Early Learning Entitlement RIMU now offers free early learning entitlement for three and four year olds. We also accept tax credit vouchers from employers RIMU Policies Our nursery policies and procedures can be found here. © RIMU 2011-2017 Made with Xara   RIMU Music Day Nursery