RIMU Nursery News RIMU NURSERY - Limited Places Available RIMU NOW TAKES CHILDREN FROM 6 MONTHS & OFFERS FREE EARLY LEARNING ENTITLEMENT FOR THREE AND FOUR YEAR OLDS The RIMU Nursery opened on Monday 30th April 2012. If you would like to come and visit us and have a look around please either give the Manager a call or drop us an email at manager@rimu.co.uk (full contact details can be found on the Contact page). If you would like to register your interest in the RIMU nursery please fill out the RIMU registration form (available from the Contact page). Sport All the children have Gymnastics, street dance and ballet classes once a week and they also go to Greenwich Park to participate in various sporting activities.  Gymnastics Sessions at RIMU Step Up News Step Up is a part time stage school run by Nathalie Richardson (Principal of RIMU Primary Music Preparatory School and Nursery). Step Up offers classes in singing, dancing and drama and has been running in London and Essex for approximately 20 years. The response that children have had at Step Up to music and the performing arts is one of the reasons that Nathalie is setting up RIMU. Step Up students have had many successes including winning Comic Relief Does Glee Club in 2011 with Soul Mates (see video below) and being finalists with Origin8 in 2012 in Sports Relief Does Glee Club. Check out the Step Up website on www.stepupschool.co.uk to find out more. © RIMU 2011-2017   RIMU Music Day Nursery