Letter to Parents Dear Parent, We want our nursery to offer unique choice for those of you who want a greater emphasis on music and the performing arts. Although there are nurseries that incorporate some performing arts into their curriculum, there are no nurseries at this time that offer the sort of curriculum that we will offer at RIMU in which every day the children have access to a lesson in Dance, Music, Drama, Gymnastics and Ballet from the babies to the pre schoolers. We have been researching music in nurseries in Europe that incorporate a lot of music into their curriculum and have had great success. We also have a case study from Cheam School Pre prep (click here) that made Kodaly a central part of their musical education that confirms the huge benefits to their students not just in music but in other aspects of their EYFS. The study was carried out by Jolly Music. Our nursery is very much geared towards parents who believe in our philosophy that music enhances learning as well as simply being a great skill to have. There are many music/performance based academies at secondary level but not at nursery and primary level. If you cannot afford to finance it outside of school, there is currently very little access to music. There are fantastic organisations such as The CYM (Centre for Young Musicians), Trinity Laban, The Guildhall and In Harmony to name but a few, that are working hard to introduce more music into the National Curriculum and make instrumental learning available to every child, but access still remains limited or inconsistent in many learning environments. Music lessons, drama schools etc all require a long term financial commitment and that funding supply is not guaranteed long term. However, RIMU, will provide access to the performing arts and it is  taught by specialists. We believe that RIMU will prove how music enhances all learning and positively impacts on children's lives. We believe that RIMU will prove how music enhances all subjects and positively impacts on children's lives. If you would like to register for RIMU Music Preparatory School and Nursery, please fill in the registration form. For any further queries please email us at info@rimu.co.uk  Yours faithfully, Nathalie Richardson © RIMU 2011-2017   RIMU Music Day Nursery