Introduction to RIMU The RIMU Nursery opened in April 2012. At RIMU we believe that all children have the potential to achieve and excel and by making music a focus in the timetable we believe the children have a greater chance of fulfilling their individual potential, both musically and academically. We will provide children with an educational atmosphere and experiences that stimulate, motivate and encourage them to achieve beyond what may be expected. Our staff will be dedicated to discovering and promoting the children’s talents. Good relationships with parents through daily contact, regular teacher-parent consultations, written reports and weekly newsletters will be key to the success of RIMU. I feel passionately that all children should have free access to musical tuition. Music classes are a vital part of a child's academic achievement and provide a cross disciplinary approach to learning. In my experience music directly enhances learning through increased spatial development. Mathematical and reading skills are also improved by learning rhythms and decoding notes and symbols. It can greatly enhance a child's confidence and even if a child does not want to make music their future career, the skills gained from learning music are with them for life. Nathalie Richardson © RIMU 2011-2017 Made with Xara   RIMU Music Day Nursery