Curriculum - Preparatory School Reception/Foundation Stage 2 The curriculum for the Foundation Stage underpins all future learning by fostering and developing children’s well being and their social and attention skills. The curriculum will also provide for the development of their abilities in language and communication, reading and writing, mathematics and physical development. Years 1 to 6 The curriculum offered will take the best from the National Curriculum, covering the required core syllabus but providing a strong emphasis on music and the arts.  We aim to provide a broad and balanced curriculum. There is considerable concentration on reading, writing and mathematics. Children work within broad topics which draw on history, geography and science and incorporate all areas of the curriculum especially music; providing an holistic approach to education which enables vital links to be made so that children’s understanding of the world can be fully developed. All children are offered appropriate teaching for preparation for entrance examinations at 11+, including tuition in verbal and non-verbal reasoning.  Timetable Click here for a sample timetable for Year 3 which demonstrates that we will be following the National Curriculum by including all core subjects. We will also include French from Reception and Latin in Years 5 and 6. Testing We will be offering Key stage tests. NFER testing will be done regularly. We will also test VR and NVR and we have allocated space in the timetable to devise our own tests to monitor the progress of each child. This will be an effective way of tracking a child's progress and means we can intervene early on if a child is struggling with the curriculum. If a particular child is struggling we will devise ways to help each child based on their individual needs The point behind the VR and NVR is to allow the children to have a choice to progress on to grammar schools should they wish to do so. Some children within the school may not want to follow that path but we want to have it within the timetable so the children have the choice when choosing their future secondary schools. Humanities The children will study Humanities which will cover comparative religions, morality and philosophy with no emphasis on one single faith. The subject will be designed to encourage debate and freedom of thought. Physical Education All children will participate in an afternoon of Physical education. These activities will change throughout the term but will include dance. Sporting activities will be held at the nearby Blackheath Sports Club which is a five minute walk from the church, as can be seen on the map below. The club has excellent facilities including football and cricket pitches and tennis and squash courts. © RIMU 2011-2017 Made with Xara   RIMU Music Preparatory School & Nursery