Our Aim Our aim is to offer a specially devised curriculum that focuses on Music and the Arts, whilst maintaining excellent academic standards. This school will be for children who have a special interest in Music and the Performing Arts (although no previous music experience will be required). Rather than music being an extracurricular activity, it will be part of the children's school life moving freely though their other academic subjects. It is our firm belief that there is not enough music tuition/performance arts available in education. How schools manage their music tuition can vary widely from school to school. It can also depend heavily on the enthusiasm of individual teachers within those schools. Free music lessons are not available in many primary schools although many organisations, such as The London Music Masters, The Federation of Music, In Harmony, The Blackheath Conservatoire, Trinity College and The CYM are working with primary schools to increase access to free music tuition. Within our school we would like to provide children with the opportunity to explore their talents, which are not easily recognized or developed in the current education system, in this area. All students at RIMU will learn keyboard and recorder and have opportunities to learn further instruments. All academic lessons will follow the national curriculum although we intend to incorporate as much music throughout the curriculum as possible. Music can completely change a way in which a child views their position within a school and can have a massive, positive, effect on their confidence. Our vision To make music part of primary school life To provide primary school children with the opportunity to explore and develop their musical talents To provide students with the best environment in which to fill their potential To allow and encourage students to grow in self-confidence and accept their responsibilities To allow students to achieve levels of academic and musical achievement that will sustain them throughout their lives © RIMU 2011-2017 Made with Xara   RIMU Music Preparatory School & Nursery