Admissions Nursery Early registration at RIMU is strongly recommended. We advise that you contact the nursery to arrange a visit. If you want to put your child on the waiting list, you need to fill in an admissions/registration form and a fee of £60 is payable. Following registration, you will be contacted when a place becomes available. It is always worth calling the nursery if you want an immediate place as some do become available occasionally. If you accept the place offered you will then need to pay a holding deposit equivalent to one month’s fees. This deposit will be deducted from the last month’s fees at RIMU when you leave (subject to receiving the required notice period). An admissions form can be downloaded here. Nursery places will be offered on a first come, first serve basis.  No interview or assessment is required for a place in the nursery. Nursery - Settling in Once you have secured your place with a deposit, your child will then be invited to RIMU to spend a morning at the nursery. We encourage parents not to stay as this helps with the settling in process. Some children settle very quickly, while others can take quite a bit longer. However, the settling in period for all children is a morning session. The manager communicates with parents frequently by phone and email to help reassure any parents who may be anxious about leaving their child. There is very good communication between the nursery and the parents For further details, or to arrange a visit, please contact the Manager on 0208 858 5141 or © RIMU 2011-2017 Made with Xara   RIMU Music Day Nursery